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RS100’s In Bruinisse

RS100’s at Bruinisse, The Netherlands.  12/13 May 2012


17 sailors from 8 countries took part in the Dutch RS100 Grand Prix, the first stage of the four-part RS100 European Tour hosted by Aquavitesse.  The 100’s were paired with the RS500’s also staging the first leg of their European Tour.


7 competitors took part in a training day run by Paul Childs on Friday, enjoying some thrilling (and spilling) sailing in a gusty South Westerly Force 4 to 5.  David Smart gained some confidence from two virtual wins in the practice races, ahead of Mark Harrison and Greg Booth.


Saturday dawned with a solid Force 4 from theNorth West.  Paul Childs was hoping to repeat his win from 2011, but events did not start as planned as the downhaul patch pulled off his new kite just before the first start for the 500’s.  This necessitated a trip back to the slipway and an expected discard.  Fortunately for Paul, the badly behaved 500’s and a windshift meant that when Paul returned 30 minutes later, the race still hadn’t started.


Race 1

While there was a small starboard bias on the line, Greg Booth started at the pin end and gained pressure and a lift up the beat to make it first to the windward mark, followed by Mark Harrison, who had played the shifts up the centre, followed by Paul Childs, Sam Vaughan and Jon Holroyd.  Paul made a rapid hoist and as Mark had half hoisted his kite, Paul shouted ‘SPREADER’!  Greg and Mark had completely missed the spreader mark which meant Greg had to beat back up to it, although Mark didn’t lose as much time getting back to it.


By the Leeward mark the order was Paul, Sam, Jon Holroyd, David Smart, who’d made up five places on the downwind leg, a fast approaching Clive Eplett and Mark Harrison.


Places were almost unchanged for lap 2, except Mark overtaking Clive, but at the final windward mark, David hoisted just behind Jon, who luffed and protested.  David had to drop his kite to execute the 360, letting Mark through.  At the leeward mark, Jon tried to hold his kite on the short tight fetch to the finish line, but a gust knocked him over, leaving the final result of Paul winning followed by Sam, Mark, David, Jon, Clive and a rapidly closing Lars Holm.  Greg finished a despondent 8th.


Race 2

Another slight starboard bias on the line led to a bunch at the committee boat end, but a clean getaway for the fleet.  Mark played the shifts up the beat to lead by a healthy margin at the top mark.  This coincided with Paul’s hangover kicking in, so Sam was second  followed by Paul, then Jon Holroyd and a gaggle including Lars Holm, Tom Partington and David.  Jon made an unusual mistake in taking a quick swim before the spreader mark.  Tom and Lars continued to play the shifts up the second beat but by the second windward mark, Mark had pulled out a large cushion, followed by Paul, with David having pulled up to third.  After Jon’s swim on the fetch to the finish line, everyone dropped the kite for the 50m reach, except David who was suffering from cramp, but succeeded in just holding on to cross the line and then capsize.  Tom finished 4th followed by Lars and Jon.


At the end of the second race, Greg needed to sort out his rig, so sailed over to the nudist island 1 km away for some R&R, coming back a refreshed man!


Race 3

Another starboard bias led to an individual recall for Gerard Vos, however both Greg and Lars also returned, with Greg probably distracted by his antics on the nudist beach.


Paul and Mark continued to scrap it out at the front followed by David in close combat.  David couldn’t quite close on Mark, although he came close up the second beat, and Paul continued to sail well for the bullet.  Jon battled hard for his 4th, followed by Sam, Clive, Tom then Lars.


Paul then donned the ‘Class Rep’ hat and told the Race Officer Arky that we should not try for a fourth race.  Many suspect the hangover was too bad, although after 3 hard races, bodies were starting to cramp up so nobody complained too much.


After the ‘walk through Chinese’ of Saturday night, Sunday welcomed the sunshine, but very little breeze.  Arky told everyone to launch into no wind at 10.20, but there was a mutiny ashore until David Smart decided it was time to go, to much jeering from the rest of the fleet.  The wind filled in gently with a very shiftyWesterly.  The line had a starboard bias up to two minutes to go, but then shifted hard left.  This was only spotted by David and Mark, who made a beeline for the pin.  David won that race and they tacked onto port on the gun to cross the fleet by 50m.


David pulled away throughout the first lap, but Mark was caught on the run by those behind in a gust, and proceeded to start the beat with his spinnaker still up.  Jon went left up the beat and Paul went right, with Mark up the middle, finding a big hole and watching Jon and Paul both race into the windward mark ahead.


David took the win, followed by Paul, Jon, then Chris O’neill revelling in the shifty conditions, Mark, Tom and Sam followed.


The wind then vanished and after a long drift, the fleet was sent home to pack up.


At the prize giving, the European class chairman, Lars Holm awarded some special prizes to Emmet O’Sullivan for his long travel from Ireland, as well as braving out with a 10.2 sail in the fresh conditions of Saturday, and Urlich Rubelmann from Germany was rewarded for his endeavour in surviving Saturday and taking his battered and bruised body out to finish the race on Sunday.


The top three places were taken by Paul Childs with an impressive 1, 1, 2 to count, followed by Mark Harrison and David Smart, with only one point separating them at the end.

 Thanks for David for writing this full report!

Everyone had enjoyed a fantastic couple of days hosted by the ever friendly and welcoming Aquavitesse. 



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  1. Anonymous
    14/05/2012 at 11:00 pm

    Looks like the majority of the fleet were using the 8.4 rig. Understandably as it sounds windy but out of interest what was the weight profile of the fleet?

  2. 15/05/2012 at 9:29 am

    I think that David is mid 80kgs, Mark is probably 90, Jon is in the 70’s, Tom P is 83, Lars H will be in the 70’s, Clive ??, Chris O is 65, Greg 70’s, Mark C 70’s, Lars W 60/70s,

    For the 10.2’s I am 98 but like to sail lighter, last year I thought I was best at low to mid 90’s.

    Neal Freeman said that he was 77kgs last year at the nationals. – He is mega fit though!

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