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06/06/2012 1 comment

I’ve started a couple of threads over at the new site, following the Nationals

You need to click on the Union Jack on the right hand side to get to the right forum



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Glyn Charles Pursuit @ Hisc

15/05/2012 5 comments

Who is going then chaps?

Only Paul of the multitude of HISC 100s is entered so far and judging by his performance at Bruinisse he will be decidedly hungover.

My boat will still be on the trailer, so was thinking of coming along, but would like to sail more than one other 100!

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Where is the wind???

24/03/2012 3 comments

Dunno about anyone else, but I’d happily swap the sun for some useful breeze.

So where’s to sail this w/e. Surely a sea breeze is too mUch to hope for.

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CLUB SAILOR at the dinghy show

25/01/2012 1 comment

I’ve just booked a stand at the Dinghy Show, where I shall be selling my book, CLUB SAILOR: from back to front

Be great to see all 100 sailors, but bring some cash with you!

Looks like I shall be on stand A7, in the Great Hall

Hope to see you there


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Help please…

15/12/2011 11 comments

As some of you may know, this arrogant poster has written a sailing book. WTF.

Luckily, it is not aimed at the brilliant, champion, sophisticates that sail a 100, as most of you are better at sailing than me, as is well proven. (But even you should buy a copy – it’s quite a fun read too)

Instead, it is aimed at the stalwart majority of round-the-cans club sailors. And after all, no one would  ask Prof Stephen Hawking to teach maths to even A level students.

CLUB SAILOR: from back to front covers stuff the classic texts do not deign to bother with –  for instance downwind starts, starboard windward mark roundings, why luck is not just random chance and how club racers can improve their gybes whilst sitting on the train. And in my own inimitable style (apparently) its quite an easy entertaining read too. Oh – it does cover the usual stuff as well, but from a club racers viewpoint.

So, unashamedly, I want to sell lots of books and am up for doing talks to entertain and inform your club mates over the dingy winter evenings too.

So please add CLUB SAILOR: from back to front to your favourite Facebook books, tell your friends about it and go to and buy lots of books (paperback or pdf) for your friends and family for Xmas.

If you can guerrilla a poster onto your club notice board, I’d be really grateful – I’ve sent out a few, but there are lots of clubs and lots of people protecting that board. Get the poster here.

Of course it is ironic inevitable that the Foreword, written by Roger Gilbert is the best written section.  He came to sail his laser at Frensham for 2 weeks running recently, so I sailed mine too and beat him twice out of 2. Even then he got the better of me – “you been reading a book or something?”

Merry Xmas all


PS Excitedly, i opened the box when it arrived, full of books today. Huh – something about statistics and ecology. Worthy for sure, but it ain’t gonna help your sailing much. But hang on – the bar code says that one is £900.00, yup nine-hundred quid. Damn. Wrote the wrong book. But mine is FAR better value!

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Mast bottom plug

02/11/2011 11 comments

My next technical problem.

I much prefer to use the 10.2 on Frensham but learned at QM that using it on open water is not a good idea, so I switch down to the 8.4.

Which means every time I go away, the mast needs changing.

Rather than getting looser over time, my bottom end cap is getting tighter – it took over an hour of bashing away to get the f-ing thing out of the 8.4 mast after Rutland – simply ridiculous (might normally take a few minutes). I’ve not found a way to use the 2 holes either. When I tried to make a tool with a dod of wood and bolts, the wood simply split before the cap moved!

Someone suggested to me at the club that the PTFE lube, rather than make things easier, expands some plastics. Is this my problem? That it has grown.

Is anyone else who swaps rigs in the same situation?

Putting the 10.2 stump back in was also harder than usual although the rivets were properly lined up etc. But the stump had been in the car and the rest of the mast on the boat – is the carbon expanding and contracting slightly at different temperatures?

Whilst we are talking about masts, what is the latest on the stainless strip to protect the tube at the mast gate Paulo? Do I really need to bring the bottom section all the way to Romsey, or will there be a self-fitting kit? Romsey is a bit of a hassle for me, but I cannot see it as tenable for those several hours driving away.


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Spinny chute

30/10/2011 11 comments

Grr. Frustrating weekend.

Saturday. Start. Short beat. round first mark and go to hoist kite. Will NOT go up. Return to jetty. Pull kite out from chute end. Comes out fine. Sail off. try again. Will not hoist. Repeat. Same. Give up.

Investigating ashore, discover that velcro that I think should be glued to chute (or somewhere anyway) has come unstuck. Sock is unattached from foredeck, but why is that stopping the thing exiting the boat? What the F is going on?

Second thing. Chute is seriously chewed up with grooves nowadays. When do we get a stainless moulding that clips on to lip of chute under deck and curves around to foredeck to stop this happening?

Had to sail laser today. Not enough wind for it. Very frustrating being camped on by a phantom all day.

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