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Tell tales

24/05/2012 27 comments

I have been spending a lot of time looking at the mainsail telltales  whilst going upwind and trying to get them  to fly. I can get the leech tell tales to fly easily enough, however, much of the time the lower leeward tell tales on the mainsail are stalled. According to Bethwaite’s book this is because there is too much twist in the sail and in effect the lower mainsail is being over sheeted. I wonder however if the separation bubble from the mast is bigger than usual because of the gnav arms and perhaps the lower leeward mainsail tell tales will never fly…..However the gnav arms are quite a bit lower than the telltales so I’m not so sure. I have tried adjusting kicker, cunningham, out haul but not really found a solution.
Anybody got the answer?

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First sail

24/08/2010 5 comments

Went for my first sail in Stonehaven bay in an offshore force 5 dropping eventually to a force three.  Managed three capsizes sailng on a run trying to leave the  harbour- vicious gusts from all the over place that just slammed me in. Mast may have foam in it, but if you try and directly climb onto it when it is on its side it turtles. I found it easy to right apart from the fact that the grab-line is miles away!! I am thinking of running grab-line elastic around transom, ala RS Feva, where it would be easier to grab. Once up it was easy to climb in by grabing kicker/cunningham control lines and sliding over wing. If you tried to climb in right at the front it would tack and capsize on you, however, if you slid over the middle then it  stayed “hove too”- a trick reminiscent of waterstarting a windsurfer.

Prior to going out I had a few fun moments rigging. Main irritiation was outhaul disappearing down boom- pretty stupid design feature- think I will leave end permanently tied in place with an additional block that can be shackled onto clew itself. I also enjoyed taking boom off mast loads of times as lines slipped…..I am sure thats just lack of familiarity with rigging. It was easy to preload vang and this worked really well on water. Tying cunningham onto boom was very fiddly and on the water there was not enough purchase or travel. Any advice much appreciated.

Main issue, however, were spinnaker sheets. Mine are 8.5m in total length (4.25 each side) With them tied together leeward sheet prevented windward sheet being let out enough to get luff to curl properly.  Am I missing something here or are my sheets too short?

Having said all that I had a great sail. There are some good blaze sailors and I think going upwind will be similar- go for speed, I wonder if we will be able to “plane” upwind as the good Blaze sailors can. There are also a large number of musto skiffs of varying standards and downwind when the 100 started to go I was definitely going at similar speed to some of them. I’m really looking forward to sailing the RS100. Any more word of an event in Scotland in the autumn, or has it all gone quiet on that front?

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Sailor Profile: John Olson

24/08/2010 Comments off

Name John Olson
Sailing Club Aberdeen Stonehaven Yacht Club
Sail Number GBR 207
Weapon of Choice 8.4
Site ID jo90asyc

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