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POSH (Paignton Open For Single Handers) – 12th and 13th May

03/05/2012 5 comments

For those of you not able to make it to Bruinesse you might be interested in this event:

Online entry – discount before 5th May.

The local RS100’s will be racing and you are all very welcome to join us – we will be racing as a Class and on windward-leeward course.

Great chance to get some practice and to suss out the venue ahead of the Nationals.

Hope to see some of you there.


RS100 GBR412

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Coping with Gusts – 2 !

23/01/2012 9 comments


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Rudder lift line

01/05/2011 3 comments

Hi Freddo,

This is my sketch – as sent to RS 12 months ago. Having seen yours and sailed today with constant weed on the rudder I am going to implement.


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RS100 – Total weapon in 6 to 8 knots

27/03/2011 19 comments

Check this out if you wanted any proof what an awesome weapon the 100 is in the right conditions:

Final race of the Starcross winter series. Fantastic spring day with 6 to 8k of north east breeze to start. A strong incoming tide meant the time beating was reduced and the time kiting was extended. On the last round just as we got to the leeward mark the wind went through 180 degrees as the sea breeze finally kicked in for the last round – awesome sailing.

3 RS100’s racing and as you will see we had a very close race with the lead constantly swapping between us. One fluffed tack or gybe and you were pushed out the back.

Not only did we crucify the fast boats on corrected time but we were actually beating them on the water – and this was not a drifter race ! Absolutely nothing in it between the 8.4 and 10.2 rigs.

Well done Michael on a well deserved win !

Bring on the sea breezes like last year !


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Upcoming Event for Your Diaries

13/02/2011 4 comments

The annual ‘Starcross Steamer’ pursuit race is to be held on 13th March 2011 at Starcross Yacht Club on the Exe Estuary.

2 hour pursuit race on great stretch of water. Easy access – 10 minutes from the M5

The 3 local RS100’s will all be racing and the more the merrier.

Hope to see you there.

Chris Cunningham
RS100 GBR122

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Torbay Week

21/08/2010 2 comments

Hi All,

DAY 1 – Saturday

Just had a bit of a shocker of a day – all I can say is I have done my bit to help the PY !!!

Sailed in the assymetric fleet on a big windward- leeward course. A small fleet of mixed assymetrics but a very good standard.

Seriously breezy – never less than 20 knots and gusts well into the high 20’s with fairly big and short waves. Seriously overpowered on the 10.2 – wish I had gone with the 8.4 for the first time but didnt have time to change over at the last moment.

Have to say for the first time I REALLY struggled with the boat for a variety of reasons and couldn’t sail it anywhere near the 990 PY they put me down for.

Trapeze boats and B14 did a horizon job within minutes of the start and I was left battling it out with two very well sailed 200’s. Basically they caned me upwind and although I was quicker (faster and deeper) downwind I couldn’t do enough to shake them off and we lapped at pretty much the same pace all taking occasional swims.

The issues I had:

Upwind I had max downhaul, a lot of kicker and quite a lot of outhaul. Top half of the sail was flogging violently at times and the leech was always flapping. Despite this I was very overpowered and found I was sailing high to keep some sense of control but then I was slapping very badly into the waves (huge amounts of water down the chute) and struggling to keep way on. When I tried to crack off for some speed I had to ease the sheet so much the boom dragged in the water very easily. When I eased enough to keep the boat level I parked up. I was hiking as hard as I could and doing a lot of body slapping. The 200’s appeared more comfortable and appeared to be sailing higher and a lot more smoothly over the waves.

After the bear away I was heading on a dead run with the main fully out to the stopper knot (fully against the shrouds) and the boat was instantly planing flat out in a wild roller coaster ride through the waves (bow down) making hoisting pretty hairy ! Have to say I wasnt getting the same fun with the kite as in medium breezes. Basically in the gusts (say 25K) even with the main fully out I simply couldnt heat up and the kite stayed sat in the lee of the main only half working. In the lulls I did get some great blasts but the downwind angle was so deep i kept misjudging the angles and over shot the laylines and had to drop a white sail into the leeward mark. Somehow managed to survive most of the gybes but embarrasingly in one big gust resorted to dropping the kite and did a double weer-around into the leeward mark – stayed upright though ! I was sailing faster and deeper than the 200’s but they were so well powered up (scorching downwind hanging off the transom) that I only just managed to get ahead of them and certainly not by anywhere near enough to be in the running.

All good fun and a useful learning experience but have to say I am really looking forward to the light to moderate breeze and flat water forecast for tomorrow – hopefully a more rewarding day !

Results from today if you are interested – should help get the PY raised !



Well we had slightly different conditions today and managed to turn results around !

First race (Race 4) very light 2 to 4 knots on very flat water, really a drifter. Got away cleanly and managed to hold on to the pack, although didnt feel too quick (see below). One of the 200’s took a flyer out to one side and it really paid for them as a favourable shift gave them a huge lead and shafted the rest of us. They managed to hold on and even beat the B14 over the water ! Wind so light couldnt fly the kite on the running leg and one-sailed it dead down wind. Somehow managed to get 3rd on corrected.

Local very experienced (ex National Champion) and knowledgeable Fireball sailor followed me up wind a hailed across that leech looked way too tight with top battens badly hooked and stalled out. He suggested inducing more mast bend and through a process of experimentation concluded that applying a LOT of kicker (3/4 max) and a moderate amount of downhaul (1/2 max) was the solution in these very light winds. immediately the boat was moving a lot quicker and pointing higher, although it did fell less grunty.

Second Race (Race 5) started in a little more breeze – say 5 to 6 knots, just starting to sit out and hike upwind but not planing downwind. Boat felt a lot better and quickly pulled out a decent lead on the 200’s and 400. Downwind was able to sail pretty deep and pulled out a couple of minutes on the 400 and 6 to 7 minutes on the 200’s by the finish. enough to get 2nd on corrected behind the B14.

Similar pattern for third race. Had crap first beat (went the wrong way) and had my work cut out but boat was very effective downwind. Just pipped the 400 on the line but leading 200 suffered unfairly by getting stuck in a hole just coming into leeward mark. Again got 2nd on corrected.

Despite the problems of Saturday managed to get 3rd overall sailing off 990 in a variety of conditions, which is encouraging.

Will post some photos when I get them.



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Photos from Last weekends racing

15/06/2010 3 comments

Some photos to go with my report from last weekend. Apologies for poor quality but they are screen captures from club website !

1. Tight rounding at leeward mark (overlapped with 600, 400 on my tail, 400 about to round. Close racing !
2. Downwind in 12 knots breeze
3. Committee Boat sail past !