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You can be my wingman anytime…

19/10/2010 5 comments

… bullshit; you can be mine!

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You’ll never guess who’s the Cock of the Harbour!

30/08/2010 8 comments

How does he keep doing it? I mean, seriously, he was only just in front of me as we headed off across the first reach but within a couple of minutes he was gone and I was left scrabbling in pants wind. How does Nick Peters go so quick? (and more to the point will he actually tell us on Friday?)

As I trudged around, not really making any inroads into the Merlins and Solos (not to mention the brave Mirror that was out there leading for nearly the full two & half hours) I was constantly confronted with the chastening fact that it wasn’t because the boat didn’t suite the race otherwise there wouldn’t be another 100 miles in the lead. It was horribly sloppy out there, big shifts, big holes and horrible downwind legs that didn’t really seem to “take off”. Nick and I are thoroughly looking forward to the nationals and the chance to do something that doesn’t involve sailing triangle/sausage, chasing merlins and flying fifteens across beam reaches is starting to affect my mental wellbeing.

As usual there was some grumbling in changing rooms afterwards with Solos muttering about the handicap being a bit generous for the 100. I did point out that there was another 100 a lot further back so maybe the handicap wasn’t that far out but Nick’s antics have raised the issue once again.

Anyway, masts are down, undercovers are on and we’re getting ready for Parkstone. Here’s hoping for some breeze, I think I’ve decided it’s more fun hanging on for grim death than bobbling along.

Parkstone YC Fleet Jumps to 7

19/06/2010 3 comments

So all of the other guys got their boats on Friday so we now have 7 at the club.

5 of us went out today for a practice which was fun in the gusty force 4.

Everyone had a go at capsizing which is all part of the learning experience!

So are we now the biggest fleet in the country?

Link below to track of my sail today – max speed 13 knots.

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My first pursuit race in the 100

13/06/2010 18 comments

So we had our annual pursuit race at Parkstone on Saturday afternoon and I was a bit apprehensive as there were a number of people eager to see how I did. It was also blowing force 5 to 6 before we went out but thankfully it dropped to a more modest (variable) wind between 4 and ~14 knots.

Other classes included Laser (one good one (in fact one of the guys who is getting a 100!)) a Laser 8.1, Merlins, Flying Fifteens, Wafarers, RS200’s, Darts, RS400’s, Dolphins (local tubs!), a Formula 18 and others.

I’m using the 8.4 rig so my start time was 1 minute after the 200’s and 3 minutes in front of the Merlins, I’m not sure what PY that means but I’m guessing 1014. The course was a rather long one with every angle of sailing covered (other than upside down!). There was also a strong tide running which was generally against on the beats.

After a short first beat there was a long run and as I managed to plane down most of it I got past all of the 200’s in one hit which was definitely a bonus. On the next leg – a beat, I was level pegging with the Laser and the front 200 and overtook some Waferaers.

The following reach/run let me overtake all of the Waferaers and Lasers, but by this point the front 2 Merlins were fast approaching! On a run / close reach (changing wind!) the front Merlin overtook me  but I managed to hold off the 2nd Merlin (one of my best mates!). Yet again the 100 proved to me it’s not designed for close reaching with the kite up in any breeze!

The following (and last) long beat was variable with the wind coming and going and a strong tide. I actually got back the 1st Merlin through a tactical error (I.e. I pass him through his error rather than my skill!) and passed all of the Dolphins (who were the first class to start). The first Merlin and I then pulled away from the chasing fleets and sailed alone for the best part of 1/2 hour.

So in the end I ended up second about 1 to 2 minutes behind the first boat, and about 1 to 2 minutes behind me was a gaggle of other boats including 2nd Merlin, 1st 400 and 1st 200 in close proximity so I’m guessing that shows that their handicaps are somewhere near.

I would personally say that I sailed well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if after a year the PY got slightly adjusted to a lower number.

Seeing as though I rarely do handicap racing this doesn’t bother me and a faster PY means we’ve all bought faster boats than we originally thought!

So in other news hopefully a gaggle of other 100’s will be arriving at PYC soon as the other guys get theirs. Fleet racing here we come!


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Line Honours- in unarig mode?

07/06/2010 7 comments

It’s taken quite a bit of patience and perseverance, but finally after 8 long years of mediocrity on a good day and frustrations on the bad ones, I finally got to experience the joy of taking the line honours again.

There’s nothing quite like that buzz you get as you fight like hell to hold the gap between yourself and the boat in second up that final beat!

Okay so it was only a 30-boat local club handicap race in little to no breeze, but hey, that doesn’t matter right?

Great boat, great sailing… loving it, thank you RS! Posted Image

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Light wind gybing practice

20/05/2010 2 comments

Here you go guys, plenty of mistakes to get commenting on.  From what I can see, gybing in very light conditions (e.g. in the wind shadow Mick’s RS200 ‘camera boat’) needed some slack in the mainsheet, otherwise it stalls out… not fast.

Nice drop though- double hand-over-hand technique, drop the helm and steer with crew weight… I’d like to see me replicate that at Parkstone on in the waves in September!

Thanks to Bill for filming (and crewing for Mick at the same time!)

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Light weather flyer

07/05/2010 2 comments

Have been trying out borrowed RS1 for a couple weeks, sadly have to give back tomorrow. So last sail last nite. Race was canned cos so little wind, but wasnt going to let that put me off and went out anyway. About 5mph tops. Boat went so fast on tight reach with kite, real apparent wind sailing. Water was flat which helped a lot. Was fun tacking with the kite up too. Kite flew really well considering lack of wind, pulling all the time. Used the tip from yy D-One thread, banged in main very hard, to almost close haul setting, worked well.

General comments. Yes kicker needs redone to give more grunt. But wonder if a larger diameter main roller would do the trick, improving leverage.

Worth experimenting with outhaul, would like to fit strong elastic puller Laser style, to pull the outhaul fwd, then you can adjust on way round the course. Tuning guide v good, tried slacker outhaul and kicker last nite, and more rake. The 8.4 sail is pretty full whatever you do, lots of leech hooking, especially lower down. Havent cracked that issue yet. Centrebd noisy last nite, if pull half up noise stops.

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