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RS100 Sailing Gill Polo Shirts for Sail 4 Cancer

10/03/2011 9 comments

Hi All,

I have some RS100 Polo Shirts still available for anyone interested in them.

They are high quality Gill polo shirts in black, with an embroidered RS100 logo on the left chest and a simple white streak across the back.

And as demonstrated by guest model, RS100 supremo, Mr Nick Peters, they flatter every figure whatever the wind strength, whatever the Portsmouth Yardstick.

I have the following sizes available:

1 x XXL
1 x XL
4 x L
1 x S

3 x L

2 x L

Only 1 L left!

All Sold Out- many thanks for your generousity!

In order to reserve one, please drop me a mail with your address and I’ll get it in the post, including overseas.

First Come First Served only- the fairest way folks.

In return all I ask is that you make a suitable donation to Sail 4 Cancer.

Donation is easy and available online here.

They cost a little over £20 each to produce, therefore this is solid benchmark for donation.

As its name suggests, Sail 4 Cancer raises money through sailing and related activities to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. This is achieved mainly through the provision of respite days, the majority of which are linked to the water and its therapeutic powers.

At a time when everything seems focussed around illness, these opportunities enable families to swap hospital appointments and treatment for quality time together, reviving spirits, rebuilding shattered confidence and creating treasured memories. The amazing feedback the charity receives is testament to the difference these opportunities are making to people’s lives.

RS100 Sailing Academy – “Top Gun”

Tower this is Ghost Rider requesting a fly by.

Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.


Weirwood’s on a roll

You’ve gotta love those Weirwood boys… not only can they sail well, but they are having a real laugh.

Behind the fantastic piss-takes, they’ve actually got a great story- growing numbers of sailors getting more from their sailing with an RS100- well done guys, keep up the good work and great spirits!

Check out their blog here:

RS100- Winner of the Y&Y Dinghy of the Year 2010

Following winning Sail World’s coveted “Sailboat of the Year” Award, it’s time to charge those saucers once again!  Further congratulations are now due to RS, this time scooping the Yachts and Yachting Magazine Dinghy of the Year award in the February issue of the leading sailing publication.

Well obviously it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the class is off to fine start, great domestic numbers in Europe and a global presence is ever-building- all looks very rosy for the future of the RS100; on home waters and the distant shores of the RS Global dealer network.

photo credit : Tom Gruitt (Yachts and Yachting Magazine February 2011)

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Monochrome kites

10/09/2010 5 comments

Whilst the whole monochrome colour scheme thing is quite cool in its way, I’d like to move an enhancement. I know this idea comes from the SB3s, and they nicked it from the Tour de France, but how about we have a more interesting colour kite that the leader after each day has to fly. But rather than  cowardy custard yellow, lets make it  a more appealing, photogenic colour. Stick a Dakine logo on it and GRF can always be at the front of the fleet!

The early days…

Many of us will remember Nick Peters’s development blog on with fond memories.

Week by week we would wait, often less than patiently, for our next instalment of RS dick teasing about this great new boat we had a deposit on.  It was a friday-thing: regular as fish n’ chips and a well-earned beer or six.

We’d meet the key decisions with scepticism or elation, sometimes both.  We’d all be hounding poor old Demo’s email account to confirm our delivery slots as soon as it looked like things were really hotting up at CMI.  Some of us would even let the frustrations of Waiting List Syndrome, condemned to sailing our ‘lesser boats’ that weekend, boil over and we’d spew out crap all over the internet first thing Monday morning.

But Nick et al. did everything right- professionally and courteously- keeping us involved enough not to lose interest, gathering intel that could be used positively to our future benefit and above all, progressing consistently without rushing something to market with major design flaws.  A great strategy and boy haven’t they delivered- commercialising this to a point where we can expect a fleet size in the inaugural Nationals to be larger than many-an-established class could even dream of.

However, there is an earlier story to be told.

The part before RS’s involvement.

Ian Foxwell has collated his earlier memories of his input into the development process and you can download it directly from here.

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Blowing raspberries? For the next season or two at least!

Phantom sailor, Alex Morrison took out a RS100 10.2 last weekend as part of Demo Dave’s marathon tour. 800 miles went on the RS wheels in a round trip to deliver a boat to Port Dinorwic SC and sneak a cheeky demo in at the same time.

Not a bad effort from poor old Charlie… You’d have thought RS must be wondering if they need to do any more to promote our class at this stage. Over 200 boats are now sold, 70-odd in the proud possession of consumer customers and further discussions of increasing production capacity at CMI have allegedly reached ‘serious murmuring’ in Hampshire.

So anyway we caught up with Alex after the test sail to get his opinion on the RS100.

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