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New handicap (EN) for 2011- 998

oooh, it’s out- single number 998 for 2011.

click here for the RYA List

Does this mean rig switching mid-regatta is allowed?

what do you call an RS100 sailor with an arm tied behind his back?

… well any number of expletives might suffice, especially if you were mid-gybe; but for this forthcoming weekend we shall call him Andrew Beynon.

Andrew, brave/foolhardy young man that he is, is currently the only RS100 registered to participate in the infamous Bloody Mary Pursuit Race hosted by Queen Mary Sailing Club, West London.

The pursuit race which boasts to have rarely been cancelled despite some quite shocking conditions over the years, is legendary amongst dinghy sailors the globe over.  Andrew is manning-up for the challenge to be the first ever RS100 to participate. Like a number of ‘modern’ classes in recent years, he has been suitably penalised by the old guard, reducing his PY number from the recommended 1005 to the effective numbers of the Hornet (973) and our two man sister-ship the RS500 (972).

But RS100 sailors aren’t ones to grumble, especially over such trivial insignificance like being shafted sideways by the PY bloke… well most of us aren’t anyway; so Andrew is entering into the spirit of things, looking at the challenges and eager to get out there and show them what the RS100 is all about.

Well done Andrew- we’re all backing you; hike hard, look sharp, good luck & fair winds… you’re gonna need it!

Andrew at Parkstone in Sept 2010 – photo credit David Harding

If you would like to offer Andrew more than a passing dash of moral support, then you can also enter on the day for £17.50.

Please see: for more details.

The Bloody Mary 2011 is part of the SailJuice Global Warm-Up– a new winter series of handicap events for the UK dinghy scene.  This is fast becoming the de facto UK handicap series, therefore it’s not too late to get in on the action for the 2011 season.

Grafham Grand Prix Update

28/12/2010 7 comments

Right then folks, turkey’s over and it’s time to get back to prime fighting fit for the hike-fest that is the RS100 racing circuit.  Anyone else going to ‘brave it’ and hit the Grafham Grand Prix on the 2nd Jan 2011?

There’s a few Mustos entered, so they should prove interesting to race against; secondly with myself and Paul Childs (current Inland Champ) already entered there’s plenty of ‘spectrum’ in the potential RS100 results, so there’s very little chance of making a complete tit of yourself!

Grafham have been very helpful in adjusting the NOR to enable us to race in the fast asymmetric fleet, therefore if we can show some reciprocal support I’m sure it would be appreciated.

The news update on the Grafham Water SC website suggests the big thaw is on track for sailing on the 2nd; but we’ve only got until the 30th Dec to get those entries in.

Register ONLINE here…

30th Anniversary Grafham GP – 02/01/11 – W/L Racing

26/11/2010 7 comments

  • Drysuit at the ready?
  • New gloves for Christmas? … again   🙄
  • Watched the RS100 Smart RS DVD and now you’re an armchair expert?

Great news then…

We have received confirmation from Grafham Water SC, that both RS100 rig configurations are NOW eligible to participate in the Fast Asymmetric Fleet at the forthcoming Grafham Grand Prix 2011 on the 2nd January 2011; (for asymmetric boats with a PY between 720 and 1020)

The Fast Asymmetric Fleet will be sailing on a dedicated windward – leeward course 😀 with 2 races, first start c. 11:00hrs.

The Lark Class enjoying great racing at a former Grafham Grand Prix

A new NOR will be published shortly here.  Therefore is you fancy dusting off the cobwebs and hatching a plan to deal with those ill gotten New Year’s Eve calories, then this looks like a fantastic handicap event to stretch your legs and start your 2011 RS100 season.

The Grafham Grand Prix is one of a few club handicap events that recognises a growing need to offer windward/leeward courses to a variety of boats.  This year they have paid special attention to ‘slower asymmetric dinghies’ like the RS100, encouraging us to come along, participate and show those skiff boys and girls what we’re made of.  If you are free and not afraid of a bit of Cambridgeshire’s finest wind-chilled, open space sailing; then please support this event and join the rest of the RS100s making the trip.

We understand the deadline for entry is 30th Dec 2010, not the 23rd as previously advertised; however entry is strictly limited to 200 boats, and with all manner of craft participating it might well be worth booking in early!

For more information, please see:

You’ll never guess who’s the Cock of the Harbour!

30/08/2010 8 comments

How does he keep doing it? I mean, seriously, he was only just in front of me as we headed off across the first reach but within a couple of minutes he was gone and I was left scrabbling in pants wind. How does Nick Peters go so quick? (and more to the point will he actually tell us on Friday?)

As I trudged around, not really making any inroads into the Merlins and Solos (not to mention the brave Mirror that was out there leading for nearly the full two & half hours) I was constantly confronted with the chastening fact that it wasn’t because the boat didn’t suite the race otherwise there wouldn’t be another 100 miles in the lead. It was horribly sloppy out there, big shifts, big holes and horrible downwind legs that didn’t really seem to “take off”. Nick and I are thoroughly looking forward to the nationals and the chance to do something that doesn’t involve sailing triangle/sausage, chasing merlins and flying fifteens across beam reaches is starting to affect my mental wellbeing.

As usual there was some grumbling in changing rooms afterwards with Solos muttering about the handicap being a bit generous for the 100. I did point out that there was another 100 a lot further back so maybe the handicap wasn’t that far out but Nick’s antics have raised the issue once again.

Anyway, masts are down, undercovers are on and we’re getting ready for Parkstone. Here’s hoping for some breeze, I think I’ve decided it’s more fun hanging on for grim death than bobbling along.

Joint Statement from the RYA & RS Racing re RS100 PN

The following joint statement is available to download as a PDF file in the documents section.

Please feel free to circulate to your sailing committees, fellow handicap fleet sailors and other interested parties.

The RS100 was launched in January 2010 with the option of having two different rigs.

These two rig options, whilst raced under the same hull will share branding, event infrastructure and training and support; however they are regarded as separate rig configurations with separate manufacturer’s recommended Portsmouth Numbers for handicap racing.

These are currently recommended by RS Sailing as follows:

RS100 10.2 – PN 1005
RS100 8.4 – PN 1014

The 2010/11 RYA Annual Yardstick Return (and Microsoft Excel format alternative) will contain box fields for both the RS100 10.2 and RS100 8.4.  This is to offer clubs the option to return a breakdown of the different rig configurations in their generic ‘RS100’ results.

Read more…

RS100s at early 2010 Handicap Opens

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