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Parkstone Yacht Club Open Events

Hi all,

We would welcome any visitors to join in some great sailing in Poole Harbour during two club events this year…

We have 7 100’s at the club with 2 others at Poole Yacht Club round the corner so there will be good fleet racing at both of these events.

We have an Easter series from 23rd to 25th April with two races a day.

The week after the Nationals we have our annual regatta week ‘Poole Week’ which runs from the 21st through to the 26th of August. This is a great week with two back to back races a day in the afternoon leaving the mornings to go down the beech/recover from the night before.

In addition to these, we obviously also have the RS100 open meeting on 30/31st July.




30th Anniversary Grafham GP – 02/01/11 – W/L Racing

26/11/2010 7 comments

  • Drysuit at the ready?
  • New gloves for Christmas? … again   🙄
  • Watched the RS100 Smart RS DVD and now you’re an armchair expert?

Great news then…

We have received confirmation from Grafham Water SC, that both RS100 rig configurations are NOW eligible to participate in the Fast Asymmetric Fleet at the forthcoming Grafham Grand Prix 2011 on the 2nd January 2011; (for asymmetric boats with a PY between 720 and 1020)

The Fast Asymmetric Fleet will be sailing on a dedicated windward – leeward course 😀 with 2 races, first start c. 11:00hrs.

The Lark Class enjoying great racing at a former Grafham Grand Prix

A new NOR will be published shortly here.  Therefore is you fancy dusting off the cobwebs and hatching a plan to deal with those ill gotten New Year’s Eve calories, then this looks like a fantastic handicap event to stretch your legs and start your 2011 RS100 season.

The Grafham Grand Prix is one of a few club handicap events that recognises a growing need to offer windward/leeward courses to a variety of boats.  This year they have paid special attention to ‘slower asymmetric dinghies’ like the RS100, encouraging us to come along, participate and show those skiff boys and girls what we’re made of.  If you are free and not afraid of a bit of Cambridgeshire’s finest wind-chilled, open space sailing; then please support this event and join the rest of the RS100s making the trip.

We understand the deadline for entry is 30th Dec 2010, not the 23rd as previously advertised; however entry is strictly limited to 200 boats, and with all manner of craft participating it might well be worth booking in early!

For more information, please see:

David Thomas helps Plymouth Uni come 2nd at Student Nationals

Well done to David Thomas (RS100 GBR253) who came an impressive 14th in the handicap fleet at the 2010 BUCS Fleet Racing Championship in Plymouth last weekend, helping his Plymouth University team claim second place overall to the event winners, Exter University.

A full report and results are available on the BUSA website.

A video from the event, filmed and edited by Tom Gruitt is below. Take a note from about 2 minutes 40… nice hoist Dave!

Joint Statement from the RYA & RS Racing re RS100 PN

The following joint statement is available to download as a PDF file in the documents section.

Please feel free to circulate to your sailing committees, fellow handicap fleet sailors and other interested parties.

The RS100 was launched in January 2010 with the option of having two different rigs.

These two rig options, whilst raced under the same hull will share branding, event infrastructure and training and support; however they are regarded as separate rig configurations with separate manufacturer’s recommended Portsmouth Numbers for handicap racing.

These are currently recommended by RS Sailing as follows:

RS100 10.2 – PN 1005
RS100 8.4 – PN 1014

The 2010/11 RYA Annual Yardstick Return (and Microsoft Excel format alternative) will contain box fields for both the RS100 10.2 and RS100 8.4.  This is to offer clubs the option to return a breakdown of the different rig configurations in their generic ‘RS100’ results.

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Fed Week: Day 5 Friday

14/08/2010 1 comment

So it’s all over for this year and we can all go and rest our knees in time for the nationals. Yesterday was remarkably similar to Thursday only more so, the wind was 15kts with gusts into the low 20’s. And then the squall came and it hit 30kts. Nick was having the day off (some feeble excuse about having to take his kids to a regatta in France) so it was a chance for the rest of us to see if we could uphold the honour of matching the D-ones.

Thankfully we all managed to avoid the slow handicap start line this time so no penalties. The devotis were trucking away from us on the beat with Simon giving chase (he really is scary-fast upwind). Rounding the top mark with the 400s bearing down on us (having caught up 5mins on us) it was up with the kites and hold on tight along the tight reach to the club, weaving our way through the moorings and a bunch of upside-down 200s, 500s & 29ers. Simon obviously had an issue somewhere along this leg as we seemed to be right behind him by the end. Top marks all round as we all made the gybe intact, unlike the pair of d-ones we went past, and promptly decided we wouldn’t make the next mark with the kites and went single sail. TimW caught up to the group by braving the kite and benefitting from a shift/drop in the wind.

Back upwind and Simon re-established his lead while TimW, Rich, Kevin & I battled our way through the wall of lasers, solos and 200s heading down towards us. Despite being a local and knowing where I was meant to go I decided to head off on my own with the kite and plough through some nasty wind against tide leaving the rest of the gang to battle it out for some decent positions.

The last lap seemed like being more of the same (apart from me being a fair bit further back, muppet) until an ominous wall of rain wiped out Emsworth. Simon was already halfway up the final beat, TimW & Rich were battling it out for 8.4 dominance and just rounding the bottom mark and I was panicking about having to gybe before the wind went chicken-mental. The surge of speed when the squall hit was wild and left me dumping main and bearing off further and further.

Overall results

The 5 race, 2 discard nature of Fed Week means that you only need a couple of good days to take the trophy and the 29er won overall, Nick showed what the boat’s potentially capable of by coming 2nd, TimG showed why he’s 2nd on the Devoti euro-ladder in 5th, Simon lead a clump of 100s in 8th, TimW 9th and Clive 10th with a couple of D-ones in 11th & 12th (top marks to Agustin for coming over from Valencia for the event!).

It’s back to club racing for the next couple of weeks while we brace ourselves for the nationals and look forward to Nick telling us how he went quite so fast on the Friday afternoon. See you all there!

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Fed Week Day 4 Thursday

12/08/2010 2 comments

Reporter: Nick Peters, lying 2nd overall currently and first RS100

Here’s a quick wash-up at Fed Week as I might not be able to spare the time tomorrow to sail:

Today there was a bit more wind, but results were similar.  I crossed first followed by Tim and Agustin in their D-Ones followed by Simon Childs in the next RS100. Overall this week we have had everything from 6-7 knots to 15-18 (today, in gusts)

In summary, either I am quicker than expected or Tim and the D-One clan are slower… although my assumptions are if you had a drag race to a windward mark in a variety of conditions then a D-One would have an edge. Conversely if you had a drag race to a leeward mark, then RS100 seems to win it. Gut feel is a D-One should still be 20 points or so faster on PY. (This week you would have to factor in my local knowledge). For the RS100, 1005 is great – maybe down to 995 for 10.2 would not be too upsetting. Let’s wait for the RYA system to work its ways over the months.

Tim Weeden, rounding the Windward Mark getting ready to hoist, classic Fed Week action

10.2 versus 8.4 – it’s still too early to tell, but the Nationals will show all – again gut feel is that a 10.2 is still quicker by the 10 points we thought (maybe less) – the lighter guys on 8.4 (particularly Clive Eplett) were very quick downwind.

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Fed Week: Day 3 Wednesday

12/08/2010 1 comment

I have a slight confession to make, I had wrongly assumed that the medium asymmetric fleet were running windward / leeward course in Fed Week… this isn’t the case, in the wise words of one RS400 sailor ‘No, ‘fraid not, it’s harbour tours all round’.

Sorry if any readers have also misinterpreted this, and if you have inadvertently assumed W/L from these reports, then big apologies… the racing at Fed Week appears to be a far greater test of seamanship than the formidable sausage of a ‘normal’ asymmetric regatta.

Anyway back to the reports, and it gives us great pleasure to hand over the mic to our guest reporter, Mr Tim Garvin who is sailing his new styled D-One at Fed Week against our RS100 boys.  Tim is another long standing RS400 sailor and has been spending the last season whooping ass on the European D-One circuit, so he knows a thing or two about asymmetric singlehanders. It sounds like he’s having some fun up the front end of the fleet with Nick Peters… well some has to I suppose…

Wednesday’s race saw Nick Peters (RS100) and Agustine Zabalua (D-One) over the line at the start.

Round the pin for a restart.

I had a fantastic first beat with fellow D-One sailor Andrew Streeter.  He rounded the windward mark first out of RS100’s and D-Ones.  I was in hot pursuit rounding second.

After the second kite blast I had gained approximately a two minute lead over the chasing pack, but I dropped my kite a little late and that was enough for Nick Peters to catch up closely followed by Andrew.

Tim Garvin in his D-One looking menacing upwind at Fed Week 2010

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