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Weirwood’s on a roll

You’ve gotta love those Weirwood boys… not only can they sail well, but they are having a real laugh.

Behind the fantastic piss-takes, they’ve actually got a great story- growing numbers of sailors getting more from their sailing with an RS100- well done guys, keep up the good work and great spirits!

Check out their blog here:

Mast tape on mast foot?

Well, when BoatLocker delivered my RS100, there was a bit of trouble in stepping the mast.  The fit was too tight and the mast would not slide in to the hole in the carbon deck.  There was a layer of mast tape on the foot of the mast that one of the guys removed to allow stepping of the mast.  I’m worried, however, that the tape really needs to be there.  The reason I think this is that the carbon rig may fray from repeated stepping and unstepping if it does not have a layer of slick tape on the foot.

What is your advice?  Should I re-tape it and add some graphite to allow it to slide into the aperture?  Thanks!

By the way, I might ask if there is any merit in having a separate section just for fixing broken stuff on RS100s.  Mast tape doesn’t seem that pimpy, really.