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Informal RS100 training and racing: HISC???

Hi guys,

there’s a bit of chatter here about a informal training/racing session for RS100s at HISC on Bank Holiday Monday.

CLICK HERE: Monday 30th – where to sail

Anyone interested should contact Paul or Clive to pressurise them into making this happen!

All the best,


RS100 UK Training- 19th & 20th Feb 2011, Datchet Water SC

31/01/2011 4 comments

Hi All,

At present I’m the only person who has actually paid up for this. I found out about an hour ago. I thought about whether I could do anything about it by saying something like “places running out fast.” I’m not a good liar so instead I’m going to plead. If no one else joins up I’m going to look pretty silly and be down at least the price of the uncancellable Travelodge room I’ve booked.

If you think you need training- click here!

Cheers! Nick Lattey RS100 Training Rep


RS100 Training Rep says Hi!

23/01/2011 2 comments

Hi All,
My name is Nick Lattey and I am your RS100 training rep and I wanted to introduce myself. The first training event has been organised for 19th and 20th February at Datchet Water SC. To book your place contact Debbie Darling ( .
Sorry for the laser photo but I haven’t a photo with me in my RS100!
I come to the RS100 as my now 17 year old daughter stopped wanting to crew for me in a Laser 2000 2 years ago. I was never much good and spent too much time at the back of the fleet. I decided I’d go for a fast single hander where I hoped the speed would make up for my ineptitude and put me in touch with the Llandegfedd reservoir fleet. This has proved to be the case…sometimes. In very light winds I’m just a waste of space and in high winds I cheerfully capsize at regular intervals often feeling I’m hogging the safety boat’s time which circles me menacingly throughout the race.
I have no experience of being a training rep before or indeed any sort of rep. I have no useful contacts in the dinghy sailing world except for the nice people who make up the RS100 committee. If this was a paid job I’d not get an interview.
I do however know what it feels like to be made to feel very small and very stupid by dinghy instructors and I am very keen that RS100 training should firstly be fun, secondly be fun and thirdly be fun. Its a hobby isn’t it. A serious hobby no doubt.
If you have any suggestions for venues for training or good coaches/instructors please let me know. If you have any requests for training events in your area let me know.
I was thinking of asking all RS100 owners to fill in a questionnaire but I suspect we all get enough of these. I would however be very grateful for as many of you as possible emailing me something about yourself, your sailing ability and wishes for training. If you want to own up to instructor experience or even qualifications that would be great! Before you tell me you can’t judge your sailing ability… you coud tell me what boats you have sailed, how long you’ve sailed, how often you sail, whether you race and what your best and usual places are in the club/national/international events. I’m sure I can make up a spreadsheet from this sort of info to split the RS100 sailors into the good, the bad and the ugly.
Best Wishes Nick Lattey (not to confused with Peters).

Official Training DVD now available

The official RS100 Training DVD is now available from RS Sailing.

Some clips were featured in an earlier post, these show the quality and professional production of the material, but the most important thing is the first rate content- vital information for any budding RS100 sailor!

Pro Coach Mark Rushall takes you through everything you need to know, from basic procedures to advanced techniques to really get the most out of your boat.

– Only £5 for Class Association Members
– exceptional training tips and great footage of good techniques
– the only winter training you’ll do in front of the fire, with your feet up and a nice cup of tea in your hands!

For more information, please enter the RS webshop.