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Mast Modification for RS 100

20/05/2011 12 comments

Mast modification for RS 100

Hi Folks

The new Selden masts look good and remove the need to helicopter leading edge tape. So I’ve modified my mast. The procedure does not come with any guarantees but mine was done quite some time ago and works fine. See attached

Mick C

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RS100 UK Training- 19th & 20th Feb 2011, Datchet Water SC

05/01/2011 1 comment

A big warm welcome for 2011 to all RS100 sailors and our other readers.  This season is going to be truly awesome, building on the very successful foundations of our first year in 2010.

We’ve already made a bit of an impact at the Grafham Grand Prix.  Well in fairness Paul Childs did, I completely sucked and looked slow and couldn’t read a downwind angle for toffee… but Paul did us all proud, securing 3rd in the Fast Asymmetric Fleet- not bad for a newbie in his Dad’s boat!  A worthy mention must also go to Simon Childs who took second in his Phantom in the singlehanded fleet.

Paul Childs fast off the line at the Grafham Grand Prix 2011 – photo credit Ian Fairclough

To kick start the official UK Class Association season, there’s some RS Owners Association training arranged with Mark Rushall (the coach who literally wrote the DVD for the RS100).  This will be held on February 19th/20th at Datchet Water SC.

To book your place, please contact Debbie Darling.  Please note this only open to Class Association members.

To make the most of the training, we are recommending that you familiarise yourselves with the techniques examined in the Smart RS DVD- available for only £4.99 + postage from LDC.

Click here or on the cover below.

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RS100 Tuning Guide now available

This tuning guide was written by Nick Peters of RS Sailing.

This comprehensive guide will not only give you specific tuning tips for the RS100, but it will provide some foundation knowledge behind the concept of the RS100 rigs and how the 8.4 and 10.2 are designed to behave differently.

Download from the Documents Page

Control Settings

26/04/2010 5 comments

Hi all,

I thought I would try and help us all pull together some initial sail control settings data using the experience we are all starting to get.

I am looking at using a collaborative spreadsheet of some form, but the first thing we need to do is to agree a common way of measuring everything.

Below is my initial thoughts but I’m more than open to suggestions – majority rules (or maybe more like proportional representation but don’t tell the conservatives or labour that!).

I’ll give everyone a few days to comment on how to measure and then I’ll look at how we can all collaborate on settings. Obviously we’ll need a page for each rig.

1. Shrouds – Number of holes down

2. Ram – Use numbers already on ram moulding

3. Kicker – On or off! Not sure on this one

4. Outhaul – Cm’s of gap between sail and boom?

5. Downhaul – Off, part on, fully on!

6. Traveller – Length and length between hull and stopper (to signify amount of travel)



8.4 Traveller Settings & Stuff

23/04/2010 4 comments

For my 8.4 rig, I’ve slightly gone away from the ‘factory setting’ for the traveller and have adjusted the length and stop positions.

First signs after a few sails feels good but obviously only two boat tuning will really tell.

The ‘test 1’ markings show where I have lengthened / moved it to.

I’ve also added some markings to make the rake/ram settings more visible. Each marking is 1cm.

I seem to be getting some humming noises from the centreboard at low speeds. Is anyone else getting this? I don’t think it’s affecting performance but it’s a bit anoying!

Still enjoying the sailing and I’m always looking forwards to my next sail.


too much batten (burg cake)

22/04/2010 4 comments

So here’s the photos of too much batten tension- notice the angular bend in the battens, not fast and slow to ‘pop’ through the tacks.   This killed off the forward facing advantage of roll tacking it ‘like a Laser’ when compared to the RS300 I was racing against.  I couldn’t even begin to gybe smoothly like this, with no gybing strop I was forced pump the hell out of it from the kicker bar just to get the top batten to flick true.

Too much kicker too…

and here’s another… kicker a bit better, but those battens need slackening in this zephyr breeze.

That’s all for now, I’ll get snappy again when I remember to take my batten key sailing!

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feedback after a few weeks of inland sailing

So it’s been a few weeks since I picked up my RS100.  Well a lot’s happened in those weeks, Firstly, I’ve had to get used to a new club, 3 promised boats by the end of the year, well that’s a fleet in my book so well worth the move.  Although moving has been relatively easy thanks to the simple and efficient way things seem to work at South Cerney SC- the marks are numbered 1-7 and they start at 1 and go clockwise around the lake, the start sequence is 5,4, 1, go- so ‘as per the ISAF pamphlet’… how refreshing.

Everyone at the club has been really friendly and welcoming with no ill comments towards the boat, quite the contrary, there seems to be a bit of sense of excitement about the impending growth of asymmetric dinghies at the club.  And after stuffing up a Laser, a Solo and an Albacore last night I’ve certainly given them enough reason to be a tad apprehensive with more RS100s due before the summer’s out!  Most of all the bacon and sausage sarnies are really good- sailors know how to prioritise the important things about club selection!

I’ve used both sails now, and it’s left me in a right pickle.  Obviously I should use the 10.2 metre as my primary weapon, ’95 bags of sugar’ or ‘190 cans of Guinness’ reasons why that is obvious, especially considering most of my sailing would have otherwise been written off as a skunking if it weren’t for the fact that the RS100 is such a nice boat in light stuff.  But that 8.4m… mmm, it’s such a nice sail, seriously even as a heavy wind optimised sailor, it’s really so, so nice-  imo- a superior cut to big bertha.  It’s like comparing my 7.2 Point-7 Square freeride sail to my Tushingham 8.5- the Tushie’s fantastic, it does what it says on the tin in the light stuff, but the Point-7 just feels better to sail with.  I can’t wait to get it on a ‘real’ windward leeward race track and see how well I can go against some fellow RS100 comrades, one Kentish bloke specifically!

sending it- an 8.4m mainsail, the perfect complement to the 12.5m kite

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