To register for your invite to contribute to this site, please email us stating your name, RS100 sail number and Sailing Club.  If you haven’t got your sail number yet, no worries, just send through the request.

Once registered with a wordpress username you will be able to:

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About this site

This website is operated by the International RS100 community.  Articles from here may well feature on the RS Owners Class Association and/or the RS100 International Class Association websites, however this site is completely independent of the RS classes, RS Racing and/or any official group with commercial interests in the RS100.

The RS100 logo and RS Sailing logo are used with permission from RS Sailing.

If you own an RS100 and would to participate then please see below or simply email us for details:

What are you getting involved with?

Well firstly you are sharing your experiences- good, bad, indifferent… colloborating on what worked well and what went badly on and off the water is one sure-fire way to learn more and learn quickly; helping you get more out of your boat, and also helping others benefit too.

This website is hosted on open source blogware from Word Press.  It’s free to use and you won’t pay a penny for participating.  Don’t worry, it’s not some weird thing for internet geeks and celebrity stalkers,  it’s just a simple, user friendly publishing tool that can enable multiple authors to get involved- refining and adding news, enhancing discussion and adding real experience to featured articles.

In real terms, what this means is that we can each share our own reports on the same events so rather than simply getting an event write-up from the person who came first and got lumbered with sending in a few words to summarise getting clean air and not looking behind them at the real action.  We can collectively report on an event, looking at it from several angles- from the front of the fleet, to the mid fleet battles, to the tail-end charlies who have all the laughs and the spectacular wipeouts.  It also means that we can get several points-of-view on different articles we may feature- for example ‘tactics’- when is best to heat it up downwind, or would sailing low and as close to the leeward mark as possible be the best option.

The bottom line is this website will only be good if as many of us as possible get involved, so please join up, get a log in account and get posting some of your feedback.

What’s involved, how do I start sharing?

Well there are several ways you can contribute, the simplest way is to leave comments on any articles, however to truly participate you can request a username and password to post new articles on here.  We have no rules or policies on here at the moment, and hope never to need them.  Neither do we have professional moderators and editors going through the comments with a fine tooth comb.  However if any comments, posts or articles are grossly libelous, defamatory or personally insulting, then the editorial team reserve the right to remove them without reference back to the originator.


Anyone can post a comment from any computer from any part of the world.  Obviously we prefer to hear from proper sailors, ideally those who either own or may one day consider purchasing an RS100, but we also welcome all relevant and genuine spam free comments on our articles.


In time this site may have a stand-alone forum linked or embedded if or when we outstay our welcome at other more generic sailing forums and social networking sites.  The intention would be for all interested parties in the RS100- owners, prospective owners, past owners, sailing industry professionals, class association etc to continue what is currently active on other forums and social networks currently.

At the moment the most active RS100 forum threads and social networks are:

Yachts & Yachting Magazine

Sailing Anarchy

Facebook RS100 Sailors Group

In order to contribute you will need to register with the parent site.

Full Access:

Ideally we would like you to sign up and contribute directly to the articles on here, post your photos, add videos, add short articles and reports from your club sailing etc.  In order to stop spammers getting involved, you’ll need to get an invite.  Easy to do, simply email us, telling us your full name, sailing club and your RS100 sail number and we’ll send back the invitation and some simple instructions on how to sign up.

If you would rather not use your primary email address for this site, then we have the facility to offer up to 50 email addresses.  These are hosted by Google using the award winning Gmail interface- first come, first served basis, again email us with your details.