Pimps & Bimbles

This page will act as an anchor for some of the better pimps and bimbles that get posted to rs100sailing.com.

The page will feature regular contribution from RS100 sailor, Clive Eplett, who unceremoniously has picked up the title of ‘Bimble King’ recently.

Some of Clive’s pimps and bimbles are really smart, so well worth considering to iron out any niggles you may be having with the boat.

What is the difference between a pimp and a bimble?

Two terms, often heard around dinghy parks across the world; however whilst similar and often used incorrectly, they are distinctly different…

A bimble is a customisation to the hull, rig or foils on a boat.  It is class legal and will aide the sailor with a task or procedure.  A classic example of a bimble is an extra purchase on the cunningham.  Totally class legal and this page will shortly demonstrate some methods for doing this.

A well regarded bimble will be highly functional and will look good.

However, a pimp doesn’t necessarily have to be class legal.  It doesn’t have to feature any added functionality over standard equipment; it should just look, well, pimp… in fact pimp-enough, no one cares you’re strictly speaking out of class!

A well regarded pimp will split opinion, it is likely to cause controversy and it will probably slow the boat down… but who cares, it’s pimp.

Please use the ratings and comments system on the entries to share your experience with these pimps and bimbles.

Bimble my Cunningham – by David Pocock, South Cerney Sailing Club

The infamous ‘South Cerney’ cunningham pimp; clearly explained with a great photo by Poey

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Bimble my Outhaul – by Clive Eplett, contributions by Sam Vaughn & Adam Broughton, LDC

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Bimble my Kicker – by Chris Cunningham

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Bimble my mainsheet cleat – by Keith Cuthbert

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Pimp my mainsheet to remove the rear sheeted traveller – by Graeme Fuller

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